Tuesday, February 8, 2011

St. Valentine's Day Finish

Thanks to Terri at Dixie Sampler Designs there's a finish of my St. Valentine's Day Freebie to share. The one on the left is something she designed herself. Isn't the variegation in the thread beautiful? I believe she said she used CC Old Brick. The finish is lovely too; it makes the tiny design so much grander. What a sweet little Valentine's treat.

I still haven't gotten around to stitching mine. Inspired by the new butterfly theme of my blog I'm stitching a little butterfly design (or two). As soon as I'm done I'll post pictures.

I hope everyone is making plans for St. Valentine's Day. My husband considers it a "Hallmark Holiday" and therefore doesn't give it as much credence as I think he should. It may very well be a "made up", highly commercialized holiday, but to me that doesn't matter. You don't have to support the commercialism and for me the opportunity to celebrate anything (especially something as worthy as love) is to be embraced. Sometimes there aren't enough reasons in life to celebrate and if you have "make some up" from time to time, so be it. Finding something (no matter how small) to celebrate every day is certainly a worthwhile endeavor and an excuse to get a box of chocolates is always welcome.


Jennie Lynn