Friday, February 11, 2011

Decorative Sewing Pins

I had some unexpected quiet time this afternoon and felt like playing so I took out some of my little treasures. I've been wanting to make decorative sewing pins for awhile now. Basic sewing pins, silver jewelry findings, cream colored fabric flowers . . . if I had known it would be this easy I would have done it ages ago. Of course now I have to find the perfect pincushion for them to grace. I'm considering putting some sets up on etsy since I think I may have gone a little overboard and made too many. How do you ladies think they turned out?


Jennie Lynn


Anonymous said...

I love your sewing pins! They are so beautiful. Love your blog and all your stitched pieces.

Nancy said...

I think your pins turned out beautiful! I have recently discovered your blog and your beautiful designs. They are so pretty, and thanks for the wonderful freebies!

Robin said...

Your pins are so elegant. Can't wait to see what you come up with to display them!

Susan said...

They are beautiful!

Happy Stitching! and Crafting Pins!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Hi Jenny
I have just found your blog via the Freebie Gallery and after a quick browse and download of your sweet Valentine charts (both of them), I have become a 'follower'.
I love these pins too, thanks for taking the time to share your stitching, crafts, family and a little of your life.
Liz (AUS)

Angie Berry said...

Those are beautiful and what a neat idea!