Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Punch Needles?

I have decided to try punch needle . . . again. Instead of using the expensive hand dyed threads I went and bought myself some DMC threads. I thought I might feel more free to experiment if I didn't feel as though I was wasting money. I bought two of each skein just to make sure I wouldn't run out which has happened to me in the past. I have no idea how to gauge how much thread I'd need for a design; I just don't have enough experience yet. I think it's best to start with small, simple designs. I'm too easily intimidated by anything else. Since the designs are small in the past I've used only one thread. I've never been happy with the way that turned out so I've decided to step it up and use two. It's looking so much better to me so fingers crossed.

I did have a couple of questions for you ladies who do punch needle. Is there a way to gauge if one or two or three or six strands is best for a particular design or is it just a judgment call based on experience? I fear it may be the latter but I was hoping for some loose guidelines. Also the needle I have (don't ask me the brand, I have no idea, I bought it years ago, it's not labeled in any way and I'll be darned if I could find the packaging) only takes up to two threads. Any more than that and it doesn't slide through the needle. Also the needle is slender which makes it difficult to hold. What's your favorite brand of punch needle? Do they come in different sizes? How will I know how many strands of thread the needle will accept? Is there a good website to order from since my LNS does not sell punch needles? Okay that's more than a couple of questions but any help would be appreciated. Punch needle is so beautiful and I would love to learn. I'll be sure to post my progress. So far I'm still working on the leaves.


Jennie Lynn


Lisa said...

Hi Jennie, it looks like you have the same punch needle that I do. It is a CTR needle. They have a website that will give you some good info. They have 3 sizes of needles a 1, 3, & 6 strand. The red one you have is a 3 strand, I always use 3 strands and it works just fine. I love the CTR needle, but have only tried one other kind and didn't like that one at all. I have just discovered Valdani 3 strand floss and it is wonderful to use for punch needle because you never have to separate your floss and do not need to keep re-threading your needle, except to change colors. It can be found at some shops or online anywhere, just google it. Also are you using a locking hoop? It is very important to have your fabric drum tight. Also, I tend to buy patterns that already have the design printed on a pc. of fabric and tells which size needle to use. I have only worked with the 3 strand punch and patterns. It is very fun, so I would say just keep at it and keep trying. Lisa

marly said...

Hi Jennie. I have always wondered about punch needle and found a bunch of needle brands and lots of information on I'll be checking your comments for more tips!

rosek1870 said...

Looking forward to seeing more! I did punch needle many years ago and think I may give it a try again.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Just posted a long comment and then went to another page before seeing the word guess thing. EWWW!!!

I really enjoy punchneedle. I have the Igolochkoy needles and like them very much. I only use 1-2 strands. Probably three would be my max. When you have several needles in your set you have the option of 1 or more. To me, if you are using more than three you are looking at the old punchneedle with yarn. Seems to me it would be too bulky for the small designs out there now.

There is a shop near here that suggests Valdani. I think I will go visit them and get more info now that I have seen the comments above. It is beautiful thread. This shop also has designs by a designer I have never seen before that are just beautiful. I will that some of that info and pass it along. I am happy to get Valdani floss for you at a 10% discount if you are interested. Let me look into colors, etc.

Good luck. I will get back with you.

Peggy H.

Anonymous said...

BTW. It seems like the handles on all these needles are pretty small. You could try a pencil eraser with the top cut off and slide over or even one of those rubber pencil holder sleeves you can get at any store that sells pencils. Maybe the needle would be too small. I don't know. You could just cover with tape as well, probably medical tape would work best...not as sticky?

Peggy H.