Sunday, July 31, 2011

I won!

I was lucky enough to win Cheri's July Primitive Quilt Giveaway and what a blessing. The quilt is gorgeous! Breathtaking! A photo just doesn't do it justice. She has such an amazing talent and one I am quite jealous of. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt. There are no quilting stores in my area so no classes to take. I've tried to teach myself and my works are quite . . . primitive. By that I mean they look as though they were stitched by a five year old. I try very hard to take pride in whatever I make with my own hands but that's not always so easy :)

I know I promised a progress post on Euphemia Myles Sampler but I should have it finished today. Why is it those last few stitches always take the longest of all the stitches? I would also like to put a little embroidery on the sampler which means reminding myself how to do a feather stitch. I'm very anxious to start my next sampler. I love the colors in it. I'll post a picture of that as well.

My two oldest children left the other day to visit family in Upstate New York. My daughter Emma has been going since she was eight years old and Jeremy has gone with her the past two years. They're staying for almost three weeks this year; the longest they've been away. Every year I cry as they drive off. I miss them so much. It gets better though. I get the first few phone calls from them and they always sound as if they're having so much fun. That makes it easier. I can barely keep Jem on the phone with me. The other night it was "Mommy, can I call you later I'm busy petting the sheep . . . " and before I could even answer he'd handed the phone back to his sister. After a day or so I start to realize how much more time I can spend with Benjamin and now Mina. Even my husband and I find a little more time to spend with one another. Of course there is also the backlog of stitching that I manage to accumulate every Summer. There's still plenty to keep me busy and before I know it Emma and Jeremy will be home and I'll be wishing for peace and quiet again :)


Jennie Lynn

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Samplermakers Autumn Stitcher's Challenge

I am hosting a Stitcher's Challenge through Samplermakers, a wonderful group created by Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm. If you're not a member yet but are interested in joining contact Lori at It's a remarkable community of stitchers.

The Autumn Stitcher's Challenge starts on August 1st, when I'll be sending a message out to all members and ends October 1st. So if you'd like to join hurry up so you don't miss it. Those participating will recieve patterns for several motifs. You can create any size design, alter the designs, use all or some of the motifs, add your own designs, change the colors . . . the options are limitless. For those you who don't have access to a pay design program there's this wonderful program called KG Stitch you can download for free. I've had it on my laptop for years and never had any problems so no worries about viruses and the like. Of course you can also stitch without a pattern. Just start stitching and see where it takes you.

The only requirement of the challenge is that you share your work on Samplermakers. Discuss your design choices, ask for input from the other members, share inspiration, post pictures of your work . . .

If you're already a member or plan on becoming one just check your e-mail on August 1st for the pattern. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Jennie Lynn

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're having a heat wave . . .

A tropical heat wave

The temperatures rising

It isn't surprising

She certainly can can-can

The high today: 98 degrees

Heat Index: 122 degrees

I keep having visions of this old science fiction movie where the Earth gets knocked out of orbit and slowly moves closer to the sun. I keep hearing "We're Having a Heat Wave" as sung by Marilyn Monroe in There's No Business Like Show Business. The song is actually quite chipper but I just can't seem to muster that level of enthusiasm. One of our movie marathon days was of Christmas Movies. We thought that perhaps simply seeing snow and people all bundled up in the cold might help. It's really toughtest on the kids. I refuse to let them out of the house to play. We've had movie marathons, done crafts, played with toys, listened to music, built forts . . . I'm running out of indoor activities.
Yesterday our van broke down. We always joked that she was a "northern gal" because she never did take well to the heat. It was towed this morning and we just got the estimate from the repair shop. All I'll say is AAGGHH!!! It will take at least a week to repair. We haven't figured out the cost of a rental yet or even if we'll get one for the entire week. It's too hot to go anywhere anyway.

I feel for everyone who either doesn't have air conditioning or can't afford to turn it on. Our air conditioner is pratically an antique but is quite the trooper. I have it set to 70 degrees and it's cooling the rooms to about 75 degrees. Given the temperature outside I think that's pretty good. The drip pan is filling faster than normal, though, and despite my husband checking it yesterday morning it still overflowed last night and caused a (little) flood in our attic.

It's been a rough week and I can't help thinking that as soon as this heat breaks everything will just get . . . better. The weather forecast says tomorrow is the last day of triple digit temperatures but it said that yesterday too. Needless to say I haven't gotten much accomplished in the way of stitching. Every night I have the best of intentions but the heat makes me so lethargic I want to do nothing but lay on the sofa with a fan blowing on me. There sits my sewing kit, though, patiently waiting for a night I won't sweat all over my stitching.

Sorry this post has been kind of . . . whiney. I'll have progress to show on Euphemia Myles Sampler in my next post, which will also be much more cheerful. Promise.


Jennie Lynn

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Budding Wreath Free Pattern

I have to say this one took a lot longer than I had expected to finish. It's not even finished yet. I still haven't decided what to put in the center of the wreath. A date? Initials? A verse? It took so long to stitch the wreath I have to put it aside for awhile. Normally with the smaller patterns I stitch without a chart. With borders, however, I am never able to get them to match up without charting first. Silly me to think that would make it easier. This one was charted first and I still had to frog my stitches three times before I could get the wreath to match up. To look at it you wouldn't think it was that challenging a stitch. But a word of advice for those of you (like me) who are stitching in the middle of the night with less than ideal lighting and perhaps are a little tired . . . stitch the ring first then go back and add in all the little stems.

The colors are WDW Molasses and GA Summer Shower and was stitched on a piece of 30ct scap linen. Once I've gotten it completed I'm thinking of using it to cover the lid of a paper mache box. That's a finish I have yet to try. If you'd like the free pattern you can find it here. Feel free to put whatever you would like inside the wreath and share with me. Perhaps what you choose to stitch will inspire me. I'm desperate to get back to the sampler I was working on. It's been calling to me in the evenings, I just couldn't pick it up again until I had finished this darn wreath. Now that it's finished I have to admit that I am happy with how it came out (so far) and proud of myself for sticking with it until it was done! There was a time that after pulling out stitches for the second time I would have simply given up. This time I just couldn't let that pattern get the best of me :)

I hope you enjoy the pattern and remember I love to see your finishes!


Jennie Lynn

Friday, July 15, 2011

Saltwater and Stitching

The view standing at the door of my LNS. Not bad, huh?

My LNS is Salty Yarns in Ocean City, Maryland on the Boardwalk at 8th Street. It's about a half hour drive from home and well worth it. It feels wonderful to browse through your favorite linens and threads while covered in sand and dripping in salt water.

Beach umbrellas, sandcastles, ocean waves, boogie boards, Thrasher's Boardwalk fries, lemonade, dessert from Candy Kitchen . . . and some stitching goodies. I call that a perfect day. The only thing that could make it any better is a good night's sleep to recuperate.

I hope all of you are enjoying the blessing of Summer.


Jennie Lynn

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday America!!!

O beautiful for patriot dream, that sees beyond the years . . .

Happy 4th of July