Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're having a heat wave . . .

A tropical heat wave

The temperatures rising

It isn't surprising

She certainly can can-can

The high today: 98 degrees

Heat Index: 122 degrees

I keep having visions of this old science fiction movie where the Earth gets knocked out of orbit and slowly moves closer to the sun. I keep hearing "We're Having a Heat Wave" as sung by Marilyn Monroe in There's No Business Like Show Business. The song is actually quite chipper but I just can't seem to muster that level of enthusiasm. One of our movie marathon days was of Christmas Movies. We thought that perhaps simply seeing snow and people all bundled up in the cold might help. It's really toughtest on the kids. I refuse to let them out of the house to play. We've had movie marathons, done crafts, played with toys, listened to music, built forts . . . I'm running out of indoor activities.
Yesterday our van broke down. We always joked that she was a "northern gal" because she never did take well to the heat. It was towed this morning and we just got the estimate from the repair shop. All I'll say is AAGGHH!!! It will take at least a week to repair. We haven't figured out the cost of a rental yet or even if we'll get one for the entire week. It's too hot to go anywhere anyway.

I feel for everyone who either doesn't have air conditioning or can't afford to turn it on. Our air conditioner is pratically an antique but is quite the trooper. I have it set to 70 degrees and it's cooling the rooms to about 75 degrees. Given the temperature outside I think that's pretty good. The drip pan is filling faster than normal, though, and despite my husband checking it yesterday morning it still overflowed last night and caused a (little) flood in our attic.

It's been a rough week and I can't help thinking that as soon as this heat breaks everything will just get . . . better. The weather forecast says tomorrow is the last day of triple digit temperatures but it said that yesterday too. Needless to say I haven't gotten much accomplished in the way of stitching. Every night I have the best of intentions but the heat makes me so lethargic I want to do nothing but lay on the sofa with a fan blowing on me. There sits my sewing kit, though, patiently waiting for a night I won't sweat all over my stitching.

Sorry this post has been kind of . . . whiney. I'll have progress to show on Euphemia Myles Sampler in my next post, which will also be much more cheerful. Promise.


Jennie Lynn

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moosecraft said...

I totally understand where you're coming from... our heat index was 116 on Friday... 106 yesterday... in the ac I am staying until the heat breaks... thunderstorms today and tomorrow... so, fingers crossed...