Sunday, July 17, 2011

Budding Wreath Free Pattern

I have to say this one took a lot longer than I had expected to finish. It's not even finished yet. I still haven't decided what to put in the center of the wreath. A date? Initials? A verse? It took so long to stitch the wreath I have to put it aside for awhile. Normally with the smaller patterns I stitch without a chart. With borders, however, I am never able to get them to match up without charting first. Silly me to think that would make it easier. This one was charted first and I still had to frog my stitches three times before I could get the wreath to match up. To look at it you wouldn't think it was that challenging a stitch. But a word of advice for those of you (like me) who are stitching in the middle of the night with less than ideal lighting and perhaps are a little tired . . . stitch the ring first then go back and add in all the little stems.

The colors are WDW Molasses and GA Summer Shower and was stitched on a piece of 30ct scap linen. Once I've gotten it completed I'm thinking of using it to cover the lid of a paper mache box. That's a finish I have yet to try. If you'd like the free pattern you can find it here. Feel free to put whatever you would like inside the wreath and share with me. Perhaps what you choose to stitch will inspire me. I'm desperate to get back to the sampler I was working on. It's been calling to me in the evenings, I just couldn't pick it up again until I had finished this darn wreath. Now that it's finished I have to admit that I am happy with how it came out (so far) and proud of myself for sticking with it until it was done! There was a time that after pulling out stitches for the second time I would have simply given up. This time I just couldn't let that pattern get the best of me :)

I hope you enjoy the pattern and remember I love to see your finishes!


Jennie Lynn


mdgtjulie said...

I'm usually like that too. I'm stubborn to a fault, and I rarely give up on anything. I did recently give up on a piece and restart it on new fabby. But I swear it will not defeat me! Glad you made it come out right, and made it match up. Tenacity can be a good thing!!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Thanks so much for another sweet little freebie, I am glad you stuck with it. I think I can see your simple alphabet (slightly re charted) sitting inside it quite nicely...

Pretty sure most of us can groan along-side you when it comes to matching up borders. Be it ADD, dislexia, blind-ness or blonde-ness I hadn't managed a whole pattern without frogs for some time so I began 'gridding' my fabric with certain designs (especially on finer counts of linen). A pain at the start, but much more satisfying in the end :)

Liz x

Susan said...

Hello! Things just have to get better for you eventually. Wow, what a week...
I'm looking forward to seeing the sampler.
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA