Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo To You!

Nasty Witch
I saw a nasty witch last night,
Sailing through the pale moonlight.
She whooped and zooped among the leaves,
She caused a fuss mong the trees!
She landed right before my feet
And shouted at me, TRICK OR TREAT!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yep, I'm still here . . .

I would apologize for my absence but in all honesty I'm just glad to be back.

My family began going through a difficult time a few months ago.  At the time I thought it best to just hold my breath and ride out the storm.  In doing so, it ended up completely engulfing me.  When it began I put so much of my life on hold, waiting for the end of it all when I could breathe again.  Unfortunately, the trials my family is enduring are not merely a rough patch, but for the time being, have become a way of life.  No longer being able to hold out until the end I had to adapt. I realized that in trivializing what at the time I viewed simply as a "hobby" and letting go of so much I held dear I made a difficult time all the more difficult.  I learned an important lesson, perhaps one others already know, but I feel the need to share.

Even if there are things in your life that seem to need all of your attention you always need to keep a little left over for yourself.

Now onto the good stuff!

I went nearly two months without putting in a single stitch, the longest time ever, aside from after each of my children were born.  The moment I picked up my needle again I felt like the Grinch . . . you know . . . "his small heart grew three sizes that day".  I know it sounds silly, but it felt as though this tiny little cell I'd been living in for months finally opened up.  I can tell you I am never again forgetting the significance those tiny little x's have for me :)

I've been busying finishing samplers that were left alone for months, charting ideas that had been stored away in some back corner of my mind, pulling out fabrics and threads, feeling inspired in a way I didn't think was possible anymore. 

I even have a free pattern sitting on my stitching table waiting for some embroidery.  Speaking of free patterns I have repaired all the links on my Free Patterns page.  I have been dreading doing that for weeks but it didn't take nearly as long as I feared it would. 

Things are looking up (or I'm choosing just to see the things that are, which is fine too) and I cannot say how glad I am to be back!


Jennie Lynn