Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Simply Prim Christmas

I've just started putting out the holiday decorations last night. It's a process that can take days and it seems as though every year I've just finished putting out the last decoration and it's already Christmas Eve. So far all I've done is put up a few strings of a lights and set out the small tabletop tree on the cabinet in the diningroom.

Each year I do something a little different with it and this year I tried my hand at drying lemon slices in the oven and hanging them on the tree with twine. I'm thrilled with the way they came out, and they look espescially lovely with the lights shining behind them. They're so simple and yet so beautiful, but then again isn't that what "prim" is all about?

Next to the tree is my hanging rack. Now that's up year round, though it does look rather festive right now. I hang finished projects on it, projects in various stages of completion, and even just some goodies for future projects. The wools, threads, fabrics and linens are so beautiful in their own right. Even before they are crafted into little treasures they are treasures all on their own and I love just having them around me. Not only do they make me smile but they are a wonderful muse and help to keep me creative.

Good luck to all in their own holiday decorating and if you're so inclined share some pictures with me to spread the holiday spirit and some prim decorating ideas.

Jennie Lynn


Catherine said...

It looks so inviting! Love your hanging rack!

CATHI said...

Looks great! It is the same with me: Christmas decoration is a process that can take (sometimes) weeks until completion, because I see always a little detail that should be changed or an ornament that must find another place for hanging... ;o)

Best wishes for Christmas for you and your family!


basketsnprims said...

Hi, Jennie ~ your drying rack is a fabulous idea and looks perfect as does your tree. It takes me forever to decorate. Thanks for sharing.