Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Flowers of Lebanon

This is my completed Flowers of Lebanon by the Goode Huswife. I stitched this two years ago and haven't touched black linen since. It was a challenge to say the least and I've been reluctant to do it again. However I think the time has come.

I designed a pattern a couple of months ago that simply begs to be done in a vivid colors on a black linen. I've chosen to stitch it on 40 ct R & R Ink Spot Black like I did Flowers of Lebanon. I haven't chosen the exact colors yet, but it will be a green, gold, red and yellow (at least I think so).

I hope to get some stitched tonight and post a picture at some point tomorrow. For the time being I'll hang this one my rack for inspiration.

Jennie Lynn


Catherine said...

This is a beautiful piece! Can't wait to see what you have done with your pattern!

Joy said...

Love this piece...I'm with Catherine, can't wait to see your design!

lois said...

Very nice! I have found it easier to stitch on dark fabrics if they are backlit a little. The light shining behind the fabric helps to see the spaces between the threads. Hope this helps!! Oh and I really like your blog and appreciate the freebies! Thanks!