Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Fraktur Sketch

Here's a little sketch I came across this morning. I had intended it to be a punchneedle but sometimes my mind gets ahead of my hands. I've tried punchneedle three times now, with months long gaps in between attempts. I just can't seem to get it right and I always end up feeling so down on myself. I have no idea if I'm doing it correctly, no one I know (in the real world that is) does puncheedle and my only LNS doesn't even sell the supplies let alone have someone on staff who could give me some pointers.

I seem to have one abiding problem that I'm not even sure is a problem. When I drag the needle along the backside of the cloth (the side you punch on) I can never get the tread to lie flat. There's always a little loop (ok sometimes not so little) on the side where I don't think there should be a loop, which leaves all the loops on the right side of the cloth uneven. Am I doing something wrong? Is it unrealistic to think the threads will lie flat or that all the loops will be even? My husband says I'm just too much of a perfectionist but I've just never been happy with the results. Perhaps I'll try again after another few months go by.

I always start with simple designs but as soon as I begin my mind starts racing with all the possibilites offered by punchneedle. So many patterns in my mind that don't translate well to cross stitch seem ideal for punchneedle. This was one of those designs. I'd orginally envisioned it in greens, golds and reds which is why I called it a Christmas Fraktur. At this rate it seems as though I'll never be able to see this or any other of my punchneedle designs come to life. Which is why I'm sharing it with all of you. Perhaps one of you will be able to interpret this design as a punchneedle, or hooked rug, or applique so that it can have a life outside of my sketch pad. Let me know what you're able to do with it and maybe your finishes will spurn me on to try my hand at punchneedle (again).

If you would like the sketch to print just click on the Free Patterns link to the right.


Jennie Lynn

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*Stitches* said...

you should come on over to my house and we can sit together and try. i don't punch often enough either and every time i sit down to try again, it takes at least an hour of frustration until i get back into the rhythm. i found that my problem comes from not holding the needle correctly. it should be more up and down with the eye of the needle on the left. at least that's what works for me. i'm not the expert...so take that with a grain of salt!! keep trying! your pattern is sweet. thanks!