Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whistle while you work

Yesterday I celebrated my 31st Birthday. Emma made dinner; she made her specialty, spiced potato wedges. My husband made strawberry shortcake for dessert (my favorite) and did all the evening cleaning for me so I could have some stitching time. A wonderful birthday indeed.

I'd had every intention of hosting a birthday giveaway but just haven't found the time to pull one together. I will still have one (cross my heart) and I'll give it some thought today.

For the next couple of days the whole family is pitching in to help me tidy up the house and yard. Not exactly a vacation but it's nice doing it together. Even Mina takes a rag and scrubs everything within her reach. The house takes such a beating with the kids home it could really use a thorough cleaning. I figure that if I can get the house sorted it may help to streamline my daily schedule. I just finished organizing the cabinet in the dining room (where Ben keeps all his art supplies). Now how long it stays that way is another question. I even found some time while Mina was napping to organize my fabric stash. Again, no guarantees how long it will stay organized. But by their very definition fun and creativity aren't neat and tidy.

Last week was so overwhelming I really feel the need to . . . take it easier on myself. It's Summer. Dinner will not be on the table every night at 5pm. My boys' hands will be permanently stained brown with dirt. My floor will be carpeted with toys. My mudroom will be filled with precious rocks and sticks. There will be a great pit dug in my backyard. I will sigh and roll my eyes, but I'll be smiling the whole time, because life is good.


Jennie Lynn


Penny said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a nice family day -- what is better than that?!
Love your "summertime" attitude -- just the way it should be! My girls are grown, and oh how I miss the days of having my little ladies home during the summer. Looking forward to fun with grandchildren one day soon!

Erin Tame Designs said...

Happy birthday!! My 31st birthday is coming up in August! I've decided the 30s are much better than the 20s, although I'm not necessarily liking the little gray hairs I seem to keep finding...

I love seeing your new blog layouts. They're all so pretty and inspiring.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a great one. Family is the best!!!

Mouse said...

hope you had a great birthday as it did sound good:) and nice to see every one pitching in and helping out ... enjoy your summer with the children :) take care love mouse xxxx

mdgtjulie said...

Happy belated. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Lovely that you didn't have to do anything! I hope you get to continue to do things with your kids this summer. Even if you get dirty and messy, having fun with your kids can't be beat. And it sounds like you already have the right attitude!