Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spending the day in bed

Which is probably what I should be doing since I hurt my back yesterday. Last night I could not seperate myself from the heating pad. I even went to bed wearing it which I know is dangerous but I set it to shut off after an hour. I would not have been able to fall asleep without it. The very idea of spending all day in bed just sounds so . . . boring. After Mina was born I was in bed for 24 hours straight in the hospital. With IV medications, a catheter and being waited on hand and foot I literally did not get out of bed once. Of course I did have that new little angel to keep me company :)

Even if I'm not spending the day in bed, my stitching is. I suppose my bed isn't the most pratical place to choose threads and linens but during the morning my bedroom has the best natural light in the house. I'm currently working on three projects right now but of course since I'm close to finishing one of them I need to have another ready to start stitching.

I really want to host another giveaway but I cannot choose what to giveaway. I suppose that's the most imporant part, isn't it? I am horrible at choosing presents for other people . . . I'm contemplating taking the easy way out and giving a gift certificate to this nice little online shop. Though gift certificates seem like such a thoughtless present. Since you ladies will be the ones entering the giveaway what do you think?


Jennie Lynn


Brenda said...

Anything you choose to giveaway I'm sure will be liked by many!! A gift cert. is nice also, that way the winner can choose what they want.


Beckyjean said...

Hope your back is feeling better soon!! I think whatever you choose for a giveaway would be wonderful. Sorry~no help from me. LOL


Mouse said...

oh dear hope your back is feeling much better now ... and mmmm a give away prize ... thinking a small hanging ornament or a pillow ??? hope that helps ?? love mouse xxx

Catherine said...

I do hope you are feeling better.

As for s giveaway - anything you choose would be wonderful!!

Gillie said...

I'm not a good gift buyer either so sympathise! A gift certificate sounds lovely but anything else is good too. Hope the back is improving.

Megan Chamberlain said...

I hope your back is getting better and you are not in too much pain. I love the way you have your threads stored in boxes.

mdgtjulie said...

I like to be able to choose something specially for me. I think anyone else would also. It's more personal if I get to choose it.