Sunday, March 11, 2012

Starting the day an hour behind . . .

I have to admit I don't really understand the reasoning behind Daylight Savings Time. I've read articles that explain it has economic benefits as well as reduces power usage. I've also read article that say those benefits are negligible and that the practice itself is antiquated. I, personally, would be more than happy if they just did away with it all together. I despise starting my day and already being an hour behind. I feel as though I've been deprived of something I was wholly entitled to. Oh, what I could have done in that hour. An extra hour in Autumn and a whole extra day in February . . . wondrous . . . but today I'm grumpy. My husband says I think on these things far too much. He may be right. Besides, even waking up later than usual (according to the clock) and still feeling groggy, how upset can I be when this is the sight that greets me outside the bedroom window.

Clean white branches dotted with buds in a beautiful shade of green against a clear sky. I suppose being deprived of an hour is small price to pay for the other gifts of Spring.


Jennie Lynn


Barb said...

Don't feel too bad about grumping, I have been doing the same thing@

Mugwump Woolies said...

Wonderful view you have out that window. I love your header photo...those buttons posies are so sweet!

Mouse said...

always does the same to me and we don't do ours until the 25th March ... love mouse xxxx