Monday, March 12, 2012

Gentle Arts Spring 2012 Colors

As I promised, here are the new colors from Gentle Arts. I apologize for the late afternoon light but the mailman came a little later today than usual.

Burlap is a very golden brown. To me it looks like strong tea with a little cream in it.

Carriage Black is a faded black that when put up against a true black actually looks blue. (That sounded a little confusing when I read it back to myself). It's very similar to Weeks Dye Works Onyx.

Linen, to me, is the most interesting of the three colors. I had expected an off white but both skeins I received were a very, very subtle pink. I would say they most closely resemble the color of cherry blossoms. Speaking of cherry blossoms, they are blooming here. Before moving to this area I had seen so many photos which of course don't do the beautiful blooms justice. But then again, the photos don't make me sneeze.

They are lovely colors this year and I am already considering swapping Burlap with a color in an upcoming sampler design. I imagine I'll be using Carriage Black as well given how I love the look of faded black. Anyone have their own favorite?


Jennie Lynn


jennifer768 said...

Lovely colors,thanks for sharing!Hugs,Jen

Faye said...

The Carriage Black is appealing to me...Since I rarely do pinks, I am disappointed the Linen is pinkish.. I need a good cremeish blemished white. I cannot wait to see your upcoming design!!

Always, Faye

Shirlee said...

I love the new colors! I've got to get these & I still need to get the last 3 offerings they came up with!

Mouse said...

ooo love them all ... can't choose ... can't wait to see them for real :) love mouse xxxxx