Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's been awhile . . .

It feels as if I've been away from my computer for months! Of course it's only been two weeks, but what a busy two weeks. There are only a handful of days now before Summer Break. Between recitals, field days, award ceremonies, carnivals, field trips . . . I've barely had time to breathe. I have, however, found a little time to stitch.

During the Summer I switch from my usual 4oct linen to an easier-on-the-eyes 30ct. It takes a little getting used to but I think I got the hang of it again. I love how "prim" the larger counts look and my designs end up reflecting that. I've been working on two larger samplers with wonderful borders. Hopefully I'll be able to show them sometime next week. With the hectic schedule I've really only found time to stitch at night and I've never been much of a night owl. Usually I'm asleep with my head on my husband's lap by 10pm (he's the night owl). That doesn't leave much time for stitching but if I don't get a good night's sleep I'm impossible to live with.

I did find the time to finish this little piece; a little summer garden of sorts. I love the salmon pink, don't you? As soon as I get it charted I'll offer the pattern. I'm thinking . . . another pincushion? I love this fabric for the backing. What do you think?

It's already hovering around 90 degrees here even though Summer is still a few weeks away. We don't get much of a Spring around here. Our air conditioner is quietly humming outside the window (I could not live without central air) and we're planning our first trip to the beach with the kids. I always stitch less during the Summer and apparently blog less often as well but I've set some goals for myself this year and hopefully that will increase my productivity. I hope everyone had some warm weather and sunshine to enjoy this weekend.


Jennie Lynn

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Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Hi, now happily following your prim needlework:)