Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

I just love this picture. To me it completely captures motherhood. How I view the picture depends largely on the day I've had. Some days I imagine the older child making a gift of the fruit in the basket to her mother and the two younger children hugging her about the neck. Other days I imagine the older child complaining about having to do her chores and the two younger children fighting with one another while the mother attempts to keep them apart. I think what draws me to the picture is the mother's expression. It is simply the perfect combination of love and exhaustion. But then again isn't that what motherhood is?

So with that I wish a Happy Mother's Day to all women. As women we have all nurtured a soul (whether it be a child, husband, sibling or a friend) in a way that only a woman can and for that we have already received our reward but a day of applause doesn't hurt.


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mdgtjulie said...

What a lovely thought. I've nurtured more than my share, but it doesn't seem to have done me any good, lol. I hadn't thought of mother's day that way though. Thanks Jennie, for that thought. And a very happy mother's day to you too!!