Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A quiet morning . . .

As a matter of happenstance I found myself with free time this morning. Hubbie and I had planned to do some quick shopping and run a few errands but Mina woke early this morning and as a result took her morning nap as soon as we dropped the boys off at school. We decided to wait until she woke up before heading out. Having gotten cleaning and laundry done the day before in preparation for shopping there was nothing left for me to do but play with wool. I have to say it was quite a pleasant and relaxing couple of hours.

There is typically a TV on most hours of the day at our house; Hubbie likes listening to the news. I find that depressing so instead I put on Pandora and listened to some Jazz/Swing. I have no idea what station it was; I just typed "In the Mood" into the search box and picked the first station on the list. Dave sat on one end of our dining room table doing taxes. Maybe it wasn't as relaxing a morning for him as it was me? He is a statistical analysis by trade though and he does love mucking about with his numbers. I sat opposite him and hooked wool. This is a little of what I've come up with so far . . . it's very primitive. None of my loops are the same height, my wool is fraying a bit, the design is simple as I had none in mind . . . but I'm liking it so far. I read somewhere that you're supposed to keep your tails and cut them later. When later? They're beginning to get in the way. Perhaps I'll trim them up just a bit so they're not hanging over where I have to hook next. It looks a bit messy now, but I suppose it neatens up as I go.

So that was our morning. Occasionally Dave would look up from his laptop and ask me a question. Doing the day to day books for the household is my job so he would want to know about this bill or that expense. For the most part we sat in silence just enjoying the peace and quiet. These moments are few and far between in our house :) Before too long Mina woke up and the day truly began. Only an hour now before it's time to go pick up the kids. But this morning was a wonderful (if unexpected) respite that will hopefully carry me through the rest of the day. I'm hoping you ladies can find a quiet moment as well tucked somewhere into your day.


Jennie Lynn


fialka012 said...

Moc pěkné...❤ ❤ ❤

Angie Berry said...

Oh girl, I know what you mean! With three kids here, there is not much quiet time in this home so I bask in it when it arrives! So glad you were able to enjoy a bit of it.