Friday, April 22, 2011

I've never been good with names and dates . . .

I know it's been awhile since I posted; it's just such a busy time of year. My stitching has suffered as well. I find I have less and less time to stitch as Spring approaches and once Summer comes I practically stop all together.

I have been neglectful of my Free Patterns as well. I have every intention of stitching some up to post here but . . . I've decided that after Easter I'm just going to start posting them and let you ladies do the stitching for me :)

I have been stitching on the sampler I showed in my last post and it's coming along well. Forgive the condition. I stitch in hand so the whole peice is rolled and wrinkled and refused to lay flat for the picture. I promise, I will iron it. There is one part of the design I've been avoiding. I could use some help if you ladies wouldn't mind. Please please please please . . .

When stitching antique inspired samplers do you prefer to stitch your own name and the actual date or do you prefer a fictitous name with a date more appropriate for the style of the sampler? I just can't decide. I like the idea of a sampler I stitch being passed down through the years, in which case having my own name and the date it was stitched is important. However, I do love samplers that evoke a time gone by and a piece stitched to look aged and worn with a modern date and a more contemporary name (say for example Jennifer) can sometimes ruin that effect. I suppose I can always attach my own information to the back of the frame. I just can't seem to decide which to choose for this sampler.

There is a version of the design that simply has an alphabet which is lovely and a good way to avoid the issue all together. I've intentionally slowed my pace stitching the sampler because I'm almost done with the motifs and am still undecided on this. I figured if I could get some opinions on other people's preferences it might help me clarify mine better. It's highly unlikely I'll put my own name on the sampler (did I mention I've never felt my name suited me and rather dislike it?) The choice is really between a fictitious name or the alphabet. I've been considering Honour or Felicity for the first name and Bloom for the last.

This poor sampler is going to sit unfinished until I can make up my mind, so any help making it up for me?


Jennie Lynn


Anonymous said...


Your sampler is looking wonderful...I voted and I prefer using the old 'fictitious' name, I always seem to try to connect with this fictitious person as I'm stitching....your package should be arriving any day...I hope there are no problems, after I shipped it I got an email from USPS saying the shipping label had been cancelled, when I contacted them they said it should still be delivered and they would email me for payment..I sure hope that is what happens...I'm excited for your receive your goodies..


Patti said...

I prefer to use a name that means something to me. When I prefer an antique look, then I use the name and birth date of one of my grandmothers or great-grandmothers ~ with names like Mildred and Dorothy it gives that old feeling, yet still will be meaningful to my family in years to come... I've also been known to use names like Faith and Mercy that also have personal meaning to me.

Can't wait to see what you decide to do :)

Blessings, Patti

Joy said...

If the sampler is truly an antique reproduction, I prefer to use the original name. Although if it is a "new" design, I don't mind changing. Sometimes I use names of family members noting the significance of the name on the back of the framed sampler.

I'm sure whatever you decide, it will be wonderful! Happy Easter

Dora said...

I felt the same way as Patti and Joy. When stitching on old samplers and such, I have used family member names or initials. If the pattern said 1855 for example, I'll go look at our geneology records and find an ancestor who was born in that year or would have been alive at that time. I try to make the sampler more meaningful on a personal level.

I do like the names you chose, Honour and Felicity. And the sampler is looking great! I look forward to seeing it!

Mouse said...

I would put a name suitable to the sampler .. my grandmas or aunties who stitched possibly for me although my grandma had the same initials as me so that works out quite well :) looking good so far from the peek :)hope you have a lovely Easter love mouse xxxx