Tuesday, January 4, 2011

St. Valentine's Day Pattern

I'm working on my St. Valentine's Day pattern Seek Thy Love. I started it a week ago. Now it's not a large pattern, it's actually quite small. I got hung up there for a day or two. I picked out such lovely colors and two perfect pieces of linen and set down to stitch. Then, of course, as I'm stitching I realize you can't even see two of the threads on the linen. It was the perfect color; it was an exact match!!! So back to the drawing board. Do I change the linen? Do I change the threads? I have a much larger selection of threads on hand then I do linen so I opted to change the threads. I have to admit I went through several options, actually stitching them onto the linen. After a couple of days and just a little frustration I think I've finally decided. So much stress over such a little pattern. I am so fussy about my colors. You'll have to tell me whether or not it was worth all the effort. Hopefully I'll have it finished by next week. Did I mention there will also be a free pattern to complement it? Look for both patterns next week.


Jennie Lynn


Debra said...

I would have changed the thread too- can't wait to see the finish!

Angie said...

it's looking like a wonderful design~can't wait to see it finished!

Joy said...

I love the colors I see now. By the time I do the "finishing" of my Valentine projects, this will be ready? Looking forward to your new design.

Catherine said...

I love what I see so far!