Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabric and Framing

Journey's End is finished . . . well almost. The stitching is complete, I'm simply waiting on my husband to make me a frame for it. In the meantime I'm picking a fabric to go around it. I like using fabric as a mat inside the frame. Really I try to use something from my fabric stash anytime I can; what's the point of having it sit in a box? I also have to decide how to finish the frame. Currently I have no ideas about that whatsoever. Whenever in doubt, though, white is always a safe bet.

Next up is Keeping Joy. It's very similar to Journey's End. As a matter of fact it uses a lot of components of Journey's End that just didn't end up working in the final design. That happens to me quite often. I think I'm going in a particular direction with a design and then suddenly it takes a sharp turn. Some pieces stay, and some go, and some I hate to see go. But if I'm particularly enamored with a certain piece of the design that just doesn't work I simply work it into another design. This time however I think I'm going to use pink rather than blue and gold. I adore pink; at this moment I'm typing on a pink laptop. I find myself gravitating towards pink quite often in my designing so I make a conscious effort to use other colors. I've been so successful that I don't have any designs in pink. I think it's time so stay tuned for that. I've already picked out the colors. I love having a finished piece but the idea of not having anything ready to stitch panics me, so I got together the supplies for Keeping Joy days ago. It's a quick stitch so I should have it up in a week or so provided the children don't get anymore snow days.


Jennie Lynn

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Joy said...

Another new design and a husband who makes are one lucky lady! Love the name "Keeping Joy"...can't wait to see it! We are supposed to get more snow next week. Hope that doesn't mean another ice dam on the roof!!
Happy Weekend!