Friday, June 15, 2012

I'll take credit for that

Since school ended last week things have been very quiet, at least as far as stitching is concerned.  It's been, really, the only thing around here that has been quiet :)

Since I have nothing new to share from my own hands I thought I would show you the work of someone else.

I don't garden.  I don't even have houseplants.  The folks at our local garden nursery center know me well and each Spring they try dutifully to guide me through caring for one delicate little seedling.  Each year I purchase one and I make a deal with myself that if it survives a month I will purchase another and so on.  I have yet to care for a plant that has survived beyond six weeks. I have dreams of a beautiful garden crafted from my own hands but for the time being I will have to admire the work of someone else.

I have no idea who planted these wonderful flowers.  When we bought the house six years ago it had had only two previous owners.  The owners before us were a brother and sister who both attended college in the area.  Their parents had purchased the house for them to live in and rented out the remaining bedrooms to other students.  No offense intended, but given the state of the house when we purchased it I can't imagine they spent much time tending the yard ;)

The family who owned the house before them were the descendants of the original builders of the home and I can only imagine it was a member of that family who possessed the "green thumb" I have come to envy so.

Every year these flowers bloom without being tended to at all.  As a matter of fact I'm afraid that if I so much as stand too close to them it will be their demise.  It amazes me that each year they bloom without being tended to at all.  They've even survived my children's antics in our yard, including digging up half of it while searching for buried treasure one Summer.

Perhaps Mother Nature seeing my heartfelt efforts (and heartbreaking failures) has taken pity on me and tends these flowers on my behalf.  I imagine that whoever planted them looks in on her garden from time to time and is quite pleased they continue to bloom.  No matter, I will continue to enjoy them and feel blessed that it is my yard they choose to grace.


Jennie Lynn


Barb said...

Your flower pictures are lovely!

mdgtjulie said...

Pretty Jennie Lynn. I'm sorry you don't have a green thumb. They're wonderful things to have.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Jennie, they're beautiful. I'm like you, no green thumb. I think I'll print out these pretties and have hubby take them to the garden center to get them for me. Thanks for sharing :o)