Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My little silver lining

I've gotten very little done in the way of stitching over the last few days.  Thursday evening, on the way to Emma's dance class, our car wouldn't start.  Our neighbor was kind enough to give us a jump but it just wouldn't hold.  Friday morning we had our car towed to the local repair shop (some $$ but not much).  By Friday evening it was repaired (some more $$ but no more than we expected).  On our way to the shops Saturday morning, again the car wouldn't turn over.  Come Monday morning (the repair shop is closed on the weekends) we had the car towed (more $$).  By Monday evening they informed us they couldn't tell what was wrong with our car and that we had to have it towed to another repair shop (more $$) and of course we were still charged for the time they took not repairing our van (even more $$).  We thought we could make do without a rental vehicle but there were torrential downpours both yesterday and today and forecast for tomorrow.  So off to Enterprise (more $$).  Now our van sits at the second repair shop awaiting its repairs (the most $$ yet).  I have to admit, yesterday while standing at the first repair shop waiting for the tow truck to arrive I was beginning to get more than a little grumpy.  I was having a moment of self pity, sighing to myself "Why do these things always happen to me?"

Then I look down at Mina who had previously appropriated her father's sunglasses and was modeling them for me.  Looking cute as always I get my phone to snag a photo of her and this is what she does.

"No paparazzi, please."

Of course she didn't say that, but that must have been what she was thinking, right?  Mina must have known her Mommy needed to smile.  No matter what there are always reasons to smile and mine are named Emma, Jeremy, Ben and Mina and (sometimes) David :)


Jennie Lynn


Mouse said...

mmmm sounds like the alternator ... and love the photo of the wee one :)love mouse xxxx

Ronda said...

Hope it's all worked out soon and not too many $$..Emma a beauty!

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I hope it doesn't cost to much more, thank goodness for little smiles!!

quiltsbycheri said...