Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A gift from a friend and a giveaway prize

My sweet, sweet friend Lynn sent me this little care package of flosses. Two are Crescent Colours which I don't normally stitch with and don't really have a stash of. Of course now I need to start one. She also sent a skein of Gentle Arts Brandy. I already have a skein (or two) of that thread but the one she sent me is a completely different shade. That's one of the things I adore about hand dyed threads: no two dye lots are identical. It was such a sweet and unexpected little surprise. Thank you, Lynn!

My second surprise this week was winning Sandy's giveaway on her blog The Humble Stitcher. This sweet little pinkeep arrived in the mail just yesterday. The stitching on the piece is beautiful and the fall colors are so rich. My youngest daughter, Mina, went to it as soon as I opened the package. Apparently, she's a lover of prim as well. She especially loved the buttons hanging for its' beak. I haven't decided yet where I'm going to keep this little lovely but it will have to be out of her reach.

Last week Mina was evaluated for a speech delay. Despite being 20 months old she has the speech production of a 9-12 month old. Both of her older brothers had moderate speech delays and are still receiving therapy for some articulation issues. They're seven and nine years old, so issues like these aren't resolved quickly. It's a struggle for both Mina and I, but having been through it twice already I feel as though I am in more of a position to help her than I was with either of my sons. I am just thankful that this is so far the biggest challenge any of my children have had to face.

Other than that it's been quiet here. Later this week my husband is going out of town. It's both a blessing and a curse. I enjoy having time with just the children and I and yet it's also very challenging having so much time with just the children and I. I don't realize how much I rely on my husband for back up until he's not there to help. The weather is warming up again; Summer is having one last hoorah. By next week the Autumn season will be in full swing. The Halloween costumes will be arriving, we've planned a trip to the local pumpkin patch and corn maze, and soon after will follow pumpkin carving and decorating. By far my favorite time of the year it always goes so fast. I've often complained to my husband to move to a part of the country where the weather is more often like it is now. I swear, Summers here last nine months of the year. But then again if we did move to such a place then Autumn wouldn't be nearly as precious, so I'll simply enjoy the days I have, and wish all of you the same.


Jennie Lynn


Mouse said...

isn't it nice to get fun mail ... love using cc and gast threads :) love the cute birdie you won too not surprised Mina wants it ... we went through something similar with our youngest too having speech therapy etc and now we can't stop her talking take care :) love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

wow..very sweet mail..lovely threads and the cutest bird you won..i love it so much..
have fun dear..
love and hugs for you xxx

The Humble Stitcher said...

I'm so glad to hear your pinkeep arrived safe and sound. I hope you and Mina enjoy it!

Angie Berry said...

What sweet friends and gifts they blessed you with! Don't you just love surprises in the mail?

I know what you mean girl. I look forward to time with just me and the kids and then there are the times I wish I wasn't alone with them. When my husband works overtime and sleeps more, I feel like a single mom! I have much respect for single moms, I don't know if I could handle it all the time. Sure makes us appreciate our men more.

Have a delightful week~